Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Naked Time...

can I tell y'all that I've never been this embarrassed by my children. E.V.E.R.
Not even carrying the girl over my shoulder when she tried to run away in the MALL, of all places. Even as ALL the way to the bathrooms she cried, "Momma don't pank me...momma don't pank me".
Today, the girl and I spent the morning at the Orthodontist (pics to follow) getting a few brackets and wires placed on her teeth.  We had a great morning and I had taken the day off, so we were being quite leisurely.

So, to take advantage of a lunch time away from the clinic, some wonderful ladies and I met at the Chi-wi-chi-wi (Chickfila) for lunch with our wonderful, beautiful, well educated, well mannered children. We had enjoyed each other, the kids had had minimal drama...and I had gotten some almost-newborn baby love from baby Reece.
We were having great grown-up conversation when the man at the other table leaned over and said, "Is that your son?"
I jumped up, cause I could see a blond head...and then as my entire body flooded red with embarrassment...I saw ... the peeper was out!
The pants and underwear were around the knees and the hips were tilted. I was mortified and couldn't get there quick enough. I wasn't sure what he was doing...had he just decided the outdoor carpet was close enough and had he actually possibly peed in the play set???
I am quite proud to say that, somehow, I refrained from committing murder and quite honestly I was so shocked I don't think I even yelled. He's four-an-a-half y'all. He know privates are for private. He knows we only have neked time at home. I do not know what possessed him....he didn't know ("I dun know"). He did know he felt like he was going poo-poo in his pants...but somehow I had failed to have the talk: if you ever feel like you're going poopoo in your pants in a crowded fast food restaurant in the middle of the play set...come get me, DON"T PULL DOWN YOUR PANTS TO SEE....

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Renee said...

OH MY!! How (even though it wasnt at the time) This made me laugh so loud. I can clearly picture Nate....