Monday, August 31, 2009

Matthew 6:25-35... been driving me to my knees and to the Word for the past few months. These verses in Matthew have been a source of comfort and of the few sermons that Joe has prepared and delivered over the years came from these verses.
How appropriate on the day before reality truly strikes my heart--in the form of beginning working again outside our home...that the sermon was on these verses...and not being "anxious about anything".
One of the meditation quotes that I will continue to ponder, I wanted to share:

Anxiety is a sin also because it is a lack of acceptance of God's providence in
our lives. God's providence may be simply defined as God's orchestrating all
circumstances and events in His universe for His glory and the good of His
people. Some believers have difficulty accepting the fact that God does in fact
orchestrate all events and circumstances, and even those of us who do believe it
often lose sight of this glorious truth. Instead we tend to focus on the
immediate causes of our anxiety rather than remembering that those immediate
causes are under the sovereign control of God
. Jerry Bridges in Respectable Sins.

Thank you to the Ladies God is using today to alleviate my "anxieties"...the three women, who for today, are standing in the Gap with my children...loving them and caring for them as I begin yet another leg of this Great Adventure!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

a Funeral...

Frances A. HarkessFrances Atkins Harkess, of Aberdeen, formerly of Albany, N.Y., went home to be with her Lord Tuesday morning, Aug. 25, 2009.
She is survived by her husband, Harold Harkess, of Aberdeen; son, Robert Frost, of Southern Pines; daughters, Diana Frost, of Cross River, N.Y. and Catherine Bogin, of Brooklyn, N.Y.; cousin, Betty Jo Johnson, of Martinsville, Va.; four grandsons, two granddaughters, and four great-grandchildren.
Frances Atkins was born April 2, 1931, in Martinsville, Va., the daughter of Robert Greene Atkins and Nettie Noel Atkins.
Frances and Harold Harkess were married for 36 years. They made their home in Albany, N.Y., until August 2006 when they relocated to Aberdeen. They built a new home in Forest Hills, Aberdeen, in 2008.
Frances was a member of Alpha Omicron Fraternity (sorority) and had served as a chapter adviser to the chapter at the University at Albany (Albany, N.Y.) for several years prior to moving to Aberdeen. She had been a child protective services caseworker and later a family and children services specialist for the State of New York Department of Child and Family Services for 17 years prior to her retirement in 1990.
Fran was a member of Sandhills Presbyterian Church, and served on the fellowship committee and missions committee. Previously she and her husband had been active members for 30 years at New Life Ministries in Schenectady, N.Y.
In accord with her wishes, there will be no visitation or viewing. There will be a celebration service at 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 29, at Sandhills Presbyterian Church, 650 Pee Dee Road, Southern Pines. This will be followed by a lunch at the church. A memorial service in Albany-Schenectady, N.Y., will be held in late September.
Gifts and/or memorials may be made to Sandhills Presbyterian Church Youth Fund at the address shown above.
Condolences may be made at

As appeared in The Pilot
The photo does not do her warm smile and sparking eyes justice...was taken at the most recent WIC Salad Luncheon in July...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the First Day of Third Grade...

All ready to go
Getting ready to get in the car...
didn't ride the bus the first day!

Teacher's assistant
Delightful Daughter at her desk

Delightful daughter putting away supplies

Sunday, August 23, 2009

super doubles...

There is a rumor in the internet world that Harris Teeter will be doing super double coupons in just another week...possible??? I'll be saving up my coupons over here!

Friday, August 21, 2009

August 21st...

will always be my momma's birthday, though she's not been here to celebrate the last 18. She was a few weeks shy of her 65th birthday when she died. I have now officially lived with sweetie pie as long as I was in momma's house. (19 years of marriage in January---I went to live with momma when I was 2, got married when I was 20...). The reality of that amazes me. I continue to talk to my children about her as if they knew her too...they didn't. Sometimes I suspect they think I'm making her up. Sometimes, I wonder if I am too...

She's missed a good bit of my life...I think the most important parts. The milestones, the things she would have been proud of...the becoming of who I think she hoped I would become.

I know she would have been full of advice (much of which I wouldn't have wanted to heed and I would have had to concentrate hard not to roll my eyes), been a loving Granny to my children(even though she wasn't always able to be to me...she was so very bone tired and with a weary heavy soul--she showed love in ways that I didn't understand). Kids brought out the best in her. She would have delighted in the boy...and said that he's full of meanness with that sparkle in her eyes revealing that she thought any boy worth his salt was filled with some meanness. She would have fallen head over heels for him. I have a hard time picturing her with the girl...I think girls were harder for her...she would have loved her and been proud of her, but I'm not sure the girl would have been sure. Maybe...but then, their relationship would not have been anything like ours was...and it's hard for me to imagine that. It's hard for me to imagine my life with her still in it...

I do not know how I would have handled the guilt that would have come from moving so far away from "home", and from her. Maybe she would have moved with us, maybe we would have made her life better, easier. Life decisions that have seemed clear to us would have been more complicated...If she had lived longer, my life could have been completely different with different paths and choices as options. I would have felt responsible and what end, I'm not sure.

At 20...or 16...or 12...there was no way for me to appreciate her the way I do at 39. The perspective of understanding the motivation and driving forces through the lens of life have changed my heart...I no longer doubt her love or feel that I was just a burden to her. I understand that some of the times that she shook my self esteem was not even about was deeper and stronger than I could have ever understood. She was attempting to be in control of my well being using whatever means necessary, and the harsh words left deep wounds. It was easy for me to believe I was more of a burden than a delight. Now, I focus more on the sweeter words she spoke, the tender moments in which I truly felt as if I belonged to her. It's easier, now, to believe she did love me and that she thought I was worth the effort. It's easier for me to know that because she loved me she carried the burden of taking care of me...when at age 44 she was asked if she would take me, she said, "yes" when "no" would have been the much easier choice! Most times I never remembered she had a choice. For her loving me meant providing food, shelter, safety--anything else was a luxury...and our luxuries were few but I treasure them infinitely more now understanding that they came at a high price.

I am so thankful to a Sovereign Father who guided me...placing me where He needed me to be so that in His perfect time, I would be drawn to Him. After years of asking "why"... I have been given an answer in the stillness of my soul that "I might never understanding the horrors I was protected from". I am grateful that in the process, He chose to use a wonderful, courageous, resourceful, witty, unconventional, spirited, strong-willed woman, yearning for a second chance, to shape me and guide me...and love me.


Nate and Bella are hilarious sometimes. Nate plays with her like he's a dog and she plays with him like he's really a puppy. She nips and tugs and plays...but never hurts him, it is amazing. Nate gets down, nuzzles her, bites her etc. It really is funny...

Once again, laptop is repaired

and I'm getting weary of this routine. I couldn't even get on blogspot from the dinosaurus desktop. So, I'll be busy uploading blog posts previously written. By the way, the lawn mower, the Cuisinart coffee pot and the cell phone have been on the fritz as well over the past few weeks--perhaps there is a bigger more sinister issue at large, perhaps we're being overtaken by some sort of strange magnetic field that is affecting all our stuff....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mom & Delightful Daughter Date

while BB went to school...DD and I had a date in Down Town SouthernPines...we went window shopping and then had hot chocolate and coffee...chatted, laughed and just enjoyed Boy Free Time!

First Day of Preschool

Ready for school...been ready for 2 hours ;)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aunt Irene...

In Loving Memory
Irene Frances DeMoss
"Aunt Irene"
5/24/1926 -8/2/2009

Irene Frances DeMoss, 83,
a 40-year resident of the county died
on August 2, 2009 in Loma Linda, California.

She served the area over 20 years as a real estate broker and professional, including ownership of DeMoss Real Estate with her husband following his retirement from military service at Norton AFB. As a devoted wife of a 25-year career USAF officer and a loving mother of two sons, she willingly traveled throughout the U.S. and Asia; and in each place, she provided a godly and hospitable home environment for her family and countless visitors. She was a wonderful cook, combining country-cooking learned while growing to adulthood in West Virginia with Asian dishes she learned while attending cooking school in Tokyo. Her passion for teaching the Bible to adults and children over many years provides her a spiritual legacy that will long survive her departure for Heaven. She was a long-time, active member of Immanuel Baptist Church, and contributed tireless volunteerism to the San Bernardino Assistance League and the Republican Women’s Club.
Irene is survived by: sons, Kurth and Lawrence DeMoss, brothers Richard and John Miller, sisters, Lorena Arnold and Norma Jean Gaston, and four grandchildren. One brother, Donal Miller, is deceased.
Memorial Services will be held at Immanuel Baptist Church, 28355 Base Line, Highland, CA on Friday August 7th at 2:00 pm. Her interment will be at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia with her husband of 31 years, Lt. Colonel Louis W. DeMoss who was interred there in 1983. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to San Bernardino Assistance League in Irene's memory.