Monday, January 26, 2009

Okay...that didn't turn out quite like I thought it would...

Well, lately, I've been tinkering with my blog and adding gadgets...not impressed with the inspirational quotes so's doesn't quite reflect my life philosophy or theology...that not men and certainly not women rule the world, it's ruled by a sovriegn creator. Thank goodness. Thank.You.Very.Much.

It's been a day of running around. Beginning at 5am and continuing with Granma babysitting for us tonight while we head out for dinner.

K kept the kiddos while I went to the MD this morning, have to go back for fasting lab work (that will tell of my updated iron-deficiency-anemia status). I see Dr. P, Hematologist soon, but I feel everything is stable. I do not feel run down or sickly ;) I will have to get a Ortho consult for a probable second steroid injection in my right knee. The first time was about 4 yrs ago after a hyper-extension injury...a 3 year old Emily jumped on my leg while it rested on the ottoman. It's actually been great since. But, the leg extensions and going down stairs is beginning to be very painful again. On a happy note my blood pressure etc. is as normal as it was at age 25! Okay, enough about all that, I'm starting to sound old and decrepit, with nothing else to talk about but my ailments.

We've been on the roam for recycling bins...a family project this year, spurned by Emily. To be more consistent with our recycling efforts. I can't find anything specific for that use but will use a rubbermaid tub instead I suppose. We have to trot our recyclables up to Hillcrest and sort it out there. Would love curb side service, but our Waste Management is not that progressive.

so until the next time...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pajama Day

  • I stayed in my pj's

  • I had a whopping headache and thought I was getting the Nate bug, but think I'm okay now.

  • I updated my blog look, like it? Added some gadgets...I've discovered this year that I just love Ansel Adam's work.

  • I uploaded a bunch of pictures from my camera

  • I read a few chapters of Jodi Picoult's book Mercy

  • I laughed at the kids and the dog

  • Hubby was gone all day to a Presbytery meeting for church (bless.his.heart), so I drank a whole pot of coffee all by myself.

  • I've thought about what I'm going to be cooking-up-a-storm in the morning for the pot-luck after church....probably Texas-Two-Step chicken, deviled eggs, broccoli and some sort of cake.

  • I made Corn & Bean salad (salsa type dish w/fresh! cilantro) for small group tomorrow night...we're starting a six week study of Kevin Leaman's "How to make your children mind without losing yours"-He's a funny man, our kids are not going to know what hit them.

  • I helped Emily sell her Daddy 10 boxes of girl scout cookies (some of which he's taking to work and some of which will go to military folks for Operation Cookie Drop). That makes her grand total of selling 55 boxes. I think that's pretty good for her first year. She'll get her cookie selling patch. (Those patches are piling up, I've got to get to ironing them on!)

  • the kids and I called Uncle Bud-man and sang "Happy Birthday" to Uncle Scott. Buddy's doing better, btw and walking without crutches except on campus. His next surgery is scheduled for March 5 (for the removal of the CTL lesion and skin grafts. The current plan is that Granma and I will go up to be there with Sam while Buddy & Beth are at Vanderbuilt.

  • and now, I'm going to bed....really, I'm not going to be on facebook or look at anybody else's blogs...or read any more of that really good Jodi Picoult book (have I mentioned my library books are overdue...again)...really, I'm not.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Unit Study Day

1-3 grade Learning about the Inaguration Process
Bella & Emily Frolicking in the snow

Today, Friday was our day for our monthly CHES Unit Study on US government. Emily had a blast. We got to see some friends we hadn't seen since before the holidays. I had promised a trip with bikes to Camelot park earlier in the week and had to renegotiate...there is still snow, and I don't really think it's up to the 58 degrees the weatherman promised. We went to
Chick-fi-la instead and all was well (I bribed them with the promise of ice cream, which we hardly ever have when we're there). Some other families were there and I got some adult conversation...and confirmation that home schooling is the right choice for us right I'll start looking at third grade and pre-school curriculum for next year soon.
We're all a little tired from our late night last night and all the people in this house are grumpy and we have another busy night with a dinner with our friends from Merida, Mexico at church tonight. I think I'll see if I can find a babysitter for Nate...he's still complaining of his tummy hurting at times.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still snowed in...

Joe & Kurth

It is still really cold here, so we're using that as an excuse to just stay in and do crafts and school work. The car is still covered with snow and not as much melting occurred as I thought it would.

Tonight we met Joe's cousin in Durham for dinner. Kurth and his son Daniel are in the area for Daniel's interview with Duke Medical school. He'll finish his undergraduate in May...and well, Duke may not be a top contender since one of his interviews was in Hawaii. He has another coming up soon with Loma Linda Medial School, a little closer to his home. We decided we hadn't seen each other in at least 10 years at a family reunion in West Virginia. Kurth's family lives in Redondo Beach, California. We had a really nice dinner and a fun time catching up with each other, laughing a lot.

For quite a while, random family members have been commenting on the resemblance between these cousins...and I honestly see it, even more than I see the resemblance with Joe's own siblings. Joe's comment was how strikingly Kurth resembles their grandfather, their mother's father...Grandad Harry Miller. You decide what you see...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Easier Days...

so today...Nate just wants to know if dogs can burp...easy answer...of course they do!

We are enjoying the snow and especially enjoy that here in the Sandhills, after a few days of winter wonder land we will be back in the upper 50's.
I'm pretty weary of blogging about family illnesses, but Nate is at it again...N&V, diarrhea...lovely. This morning, I mistakenly thought it was over and gave him his normal drink of chocolate milk. I know, it sounds unhealthy...but he got used to the chocolate soy milk and it was a natural transition. I use the syrup with less sugar to make me feel better. Anyway, about an hour later the den carpet and the dog were wearing the milk and Nate has thrown up a few more times since. So, I better go do a little more laundry.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unexpected Blessings, Birds and Bees

Well, yesterday was an interesting day. It came on the heels of a weekend of sickness, both Nate and Joe. Nate was officially diagnosed with croup and exacerbation of asthma and is still taking steroids and sounds worse, but the light at the end of the tunnel is on! Joe stayed in all weekend and sounded almost as bad as Nate minus the wheezing. We kept our family home (even from church, small group, etc) feeling like hermits. And, even though the boys were both sick, I picked up sweet Bella the dog on Saturday from a friend who works with the NC Lab rescue group. We know we eventually want another dog, but not until Nate is old enough to handle it. Bella, a one year old yellow lab-sheltie mix, house-broken, crate-trained 28 pound sweet girl, is going to spend a little time at our house and see how it goes. The kids think we're pet-sitting to help out Mrs. D, which is true, sort-of.
The sweetest moment came yesterday when Nate gave a bedtime blessing to Bella the Dog. "May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause his face to shine upon and forever more...amen...". Joe has been blessing our children nightly w/this prayer since they were his Mom blessed him.

So, Bella is lying asleep...she spends a good amount of time in this position and Nate said, "Aw, he needs a bessin". I said, "Well, you can give her one." And so he did, and it was the most-precious-thing-you-ever-did-see! And then he said, "Mom, what does bess you and keep you mean?" I told him without hesitation that blessings are the good gifts that God gives us and that keep you means keeping us safe from danger (things being dangerous has been given much attention in our house recently). Easy-peasy. He said, "Otay...bess oo, keep yoo, face sine on yoo, give yoo peace...amen". Sweet and I think Bella officially became a part of the family at that moment! Like most of our family, she has some qualities we wish she didn't: a lot of shedding, carrying our shoes all over the place...and a couple of accidents w/the house training...we'll see...She could not possibly be any sweeter with the children harassing her ALL the time.

Emily (and I ;) are studying a Life science unit, it's part of what came with the Sonlight curriculum for second grade. We just started in a new "text" book, The Usborne Living World Encyclopedia, and I've been previewing the books as we read them. Usborne tends to view science from an evolutionary and old earth point of view, but does so without beating you over the head with it. I view it as an opportunity to introduce "why we believe what we believe" and begin to introduce her to the concepts that a lot of scientific theories exist. There have been great parental discussion on some forums for Sonlight curriculum about different ways to handle this...and some warnings about what NOT to let them read from the Usborne Book Of Knowledge, which we just finished. So, we just sort of skimmed some of it and, yes, I did...I paper clipped those pages with detailed descriptions of human reproduction including accurate tastefully done comic book type diagrams right up...and told her those were for fourth grade science. I would have glued them together, but thought they might be useful in 4th grade...In my opinion...There is no point in having this discussion until it needs to be had...innocence should be protected!
Emily has always had questions that seemed a little too advanced for her age, in my opinion! I have always tried to answer her questions about topics that make me squirrely...carefully, honestly and openly without giving her more information than she needs. "Mommy, do you have a Daddy? How come we never see him?"..."how do babies get out of mommies tummies?" "how do babies get inside mommies tummies" "How can Jesus live inside our hearts if they're only this big?"...and many, many, many more. Emily is a bright girl and well, she thinks about things I just don't remember questioning at her age. my dismay (and I promise I perused these pages!!!), our science lesson for yesterday included the parts of a flower (momma-did-you-know-flowers-have-eggs-called-ovules?), flowers reproducing, the various ways animal babies are born...and right down at the bottom of the page....was a drawing of lions mating...and the words: "male mammals, and some other male animals, push their sperm into the female's body. This is called mating." Over to the left was a picture of a giant egg being fertilized by the sperm...okay, so it wasn't a giant picture, but I'm not sure how I missed it the first go-around...SECOND GRADE...SEVEN years she read it aloud...excited and with her momma-you're-not-gonna-believe-this-voice...and asked, "how does this work? what are they doing"...I repeated again as non-shalantly as possible..."Oh, they're mating...It's pretty complicated and we'll study the details in fourth grade"...that's two more years of saying, "It's pretty complicated...."! I think I'm gonna glue the rest of the pages all her books! Today, we do a Latin lesson on body parts: manus/hand, pes/foot, caput/head, corpus/body; caput...that should be easier.
And girlie-girlfriends...anybody...any advice or opinions about what I'm supposed to do or say is WELCOME!!! Feel free to talk amoungst yourselves, for now, I'm getting out the glue sticks!


Cute, huh? De-lurk...leave a comment on the blogs you visit and let the bloggers know you read thier stuff. I plan to!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In the beginning...

I have about 20 posts in my draft status...I will finish them and post them (belatedly), so beware of rapid falling blogs on this site!
Today...we are awaiting the arrival of our second set of "grown-up" (non-goodwill/yard-sale/family cast-offs...uh, I mean well-loved hand me downs/thrift store finds). It may speak volumes that this is our second set of LR furniture in our married life.
I've (warning bragging to occur!)....da-da-ta-da...made it to the gym on a regular basis for the past two weeks!!! Thankfully for my friend K who is joining me and keeping me least when we don't have communication sna-fus. I arrived at the fitness center at 5:30am alone this morning...did you know there are crazy people who are standing outside at 5:30 waiting for the doors to open??? Probably the same people who make fun of those of us outside Target on black Friday. Needless to say, my glutes have that not-used-in-a-while-forgot-I-actually-had-muscles-there kind of soreness, which remarkably feels great. I'm hopeful my body will again endure running (s-l-o-w running) a 5K or maybe even for the first time...a 10K...and maybe without so much floppiness this go around...
The homeschool place is now in the family room/den/great room (think I posted some pictures of our house that included a picture of the kitchen/room w/fireplace, if someone would show me how, I could put the words in bold and you'd click right there...but, alas...). Em loves it and is happy not to feel banished while she's doing independent work. I like being warm. No matter what I did, including exchanging two space heaters at Wally-world, I couldn't get the garage warm on these cold mornings.

We're studying Asia, the Byzantine Empire (I must have missed that day of second grade...who knew?), measuring peRIMeter and will be adding thousands place to our long addition this week, suffixes (change "y" to "i" and add "es") and the life cycle/environment of animals....not sure what our science experiment is yet, but we need a can of soda so we're off to Wally world (we need milk too). Oh, and Nate drew a square! He calls a B a nine....but, hey...a real live square!!