Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pajama Day

  • I stayed in my pj's

  • I had a whopping headache and thought I was getting the Nate bug, but think I'm okay now.

  • I updated my blog look, like it? Added some gadgets...I've discovered this year that I just love Ansel Adam's work.

  • I uploaded a bunch of pictures from my camera

  • I read a few chapters of Jodi Picoult's book Mercy

  • I laughed at the kids and the dog

  • Hubby was gone all day to a Presbytery meeting for church (bless.his.heart), so I drank a whole pot of coffee all by myself.

  • I've thought about what I'm going to be cooking-up-a-storm in the morning for the pot-luck after church....probably Texas-Two-Step chicken, deviled eggs, broccoli and some sort of cake.

  • I made Corn & Bean salad (salsa type dish w/fresh! cilantro) for small group tomorrow night...we're starting a six week study of Kevin Leaman's "How to make your children mind without losing yours"-He's a funny man, our kids are not going to know what hit them.

  • I helped Emily sell her Daddy 10 boxes of girl scout cookies (some of which he's taking to work and some of which will go to military folks for Operation Cookie Drop). That makes her grand total of selling 55 boxes. I think that's pretty good for her first year. She'll get her cookie selling patch. (Those patches are piling up, I've got to get to ironing them on!)

  • the kids and I called Uncle Bud-man and sang "Happy Birthday" to Uncle Scott. Buddy's doing better, btw and walking without crutches except on campus. His next surgery is scheduled for March 5 (for the removal of the CTL lesion and skin grafts. The current plan is that Granma and I will go up to be there with Sam while Buddy & Beth are at Vanderbuilt.

  • and now, I'm going to bed....really, I'm not going to be on facebook or look at anybody else's blogs...or read any more of that really good Jodi Picoult book (have I mentioned my library books are overdue...again)...really, I'm not.

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