Monday, January 26, 2009

Okay...that didn't turn out quite like I thought it would...

Well, lately, I've been tinkering with my blog and adding gadgets...not impressed with the inspirational quotes so's doesn't quite reflect my life philosophy or theology...that not men and certainly not women rule the world, it's ruled by a sovriegn creator. Thank goodness. Thank.You.Very.Much.

It's been a day of running around. Beginning at 5am and continuing with Granma babysitting for us tonight while we head out for dinner.

K kept the kiddos while I went to the MD this morning, have to go back for fasting lab work (that will tell of my updated iron-deficiency-anemia status). I see Dr. P, Hematologist soon, but I feel everything is stable. I do not feel run down or sickly ;) I will have to get a Ortho consult for a probable second steroid injection in my right knee. The first time was about 4 yrs ago after a hyper-extension injury...a 3 year old Emily jumped on my leg while it rested on the ottoman. It's actually been great since. But, the leg extensions and going down stairs is beginning to be very painful again. On a happy note my blood pressure etc. is as normal as it was at age 25! Okay, enough about all that, I'm starting to sound old and decrepit, with nothing else to talk about but my ailments.

We've been on the roam for recycling bins...a family project this year, spurned by Emily. To be more consistent with our recycling efforts. I can't find anything specific for that use but will use a rubbermaid tub instead I suppose. We have to trot our recyclables up to Hillcrest and sort it out there. Would love curb side service, but our Waste Management is not that progressive.

so until the next time...

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Anonymous said...

we separate ours as we go - got the bins from Lowes. good luck!

love ya - Jess