Monday, September 29, 2008


It is the end of another family birthday...Joe's 38th.
Plans were completely up in the air until last night. Emily has been talking for weeks about wanting to throw him a surprise party. I'm pretty sure she was inspired by one we attended last month. It's just hard to plan a party and invite friends when you don't know if the honoree will be there or not...and really, is 38 one of the big ones?
We ended up staying at home grilling steaks and have a scrumptious salad (and apple pie and butter pecan icecream with Splenda!!)...the kids loved the celebration, even if it was small, the most important folks were there.
Nate told everyone we saw today that "it's my Daddy's Happy Birthday". He's saying his birthday is in "ocober" and he'll be "tree".
A new cuisinart coffee pot came to live at our house in honor of Daddy's of those that has a second reservoir to keep your coffee hot and dispenses a cup at a time...I hope it'll be happy here. I also hope we don't have to exchange it. Upon first use, it seemed to possibly have a leak...we'll see.
I had a house full of kids this afternoon...eight to be was fun, for the oh, two or three hours they were here...but I'll be honest, having that many children might make my head explode! They made "Mr. Joe" a happy birthday sign...played inside and out, helped bake and decorate cupcakes...

Birthdays are introspective events for me typically...even if it's someone else's. It brings back memories of the first birthday I spent with Joe when we were dating...his gift from me that year was a Bible devotional that we still have in a box somewhere with a sweet inscription.
I can't imagine life without keep having birthdays honey!

No pics with this post...couldn't find my camera for any of the festivities! Uugghh.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Hubby's home. It was a long week while he was traveling to Michigan for work. The Kids and I ventured out for a perfect day at the park & lunch with Granma on Monday, cheerleading practice on Tuesday, Girlscouts on Wednesday, a slumber party with Aunt Judi on Thursday and Fun Gym (today) Friday. The rain has put a damper on our camping plans for the weekend but, Emily will now not miss her cheerleading at the first basketball game. And I might get to see the new Nicolas Sparks movie...Nights in's been a long time since "chick-flick' time has come my way...

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Six random things about me...

1. I hate it when medical drama shows get the details wrong...I get really annoyed when they allow a character to "talk" around an endotracheal tube (ventilator/respirator) or they defibrillate/shock asystole (no electrical activity...a flat line...). My husband hates it that I hate this and because I usually have a verbal attack prepared for the television in these instances... he doesn't like watching these shows with me.

2. I am saddened by the fact that our graduating high school class of 1988 is NOT having a 20-year class reunion....but, I am not sad enough to initiate/plan/organize the event myself. Joe & I are members of the same high school graduating class...and there are a few people out of our class of about 85 people I would like to see (most of them, I've stayed in touch with anyway...but think it would have been cool to have a party together).

3. I have always been scared that I would not be a good enough mom to my kids (that I'd yell/discipline them in anger)...I'm less scared about that now that I'm in the midst of mothering them...I'm not more confident in me, but I'm more confident that God is protecting them and allowing me to be what they need...and sometimes they just need to be yelled at ; )

4. I like soap operas...yeah, I know...I don't watch them now, but would really love to tune in occasionally to see how many more times Stephano comes back to life and tries to kidnap Marlena.

5. I have more uncompleted sewing projects packed up in boxes/bins than I couldn't possibly complete in this lifetime...and I probably have enough scrapbook supplies to complete albums for my children through elementary school.

6. I was adopted...but most people do not know it wasn't until 3 days after my 18th my aunt by marriage. Up until then she had sole custody of me since I was nine. She and my uncle shared custody while they were married, beginning when I was 21 months old until they divorced when I was nine. I was looking through safety deposit box stuff recently and was reminded that I still need to order a new birth certificate from the state of TN with her name on it... for the tagging... (sorry I don't know how to do the links without typing them out...a lesson for later!)
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy Week...Field Trip Friday

Our CHES group took a field trip to Deep River Cattle Farm. The Smith's are a local home school family that has a farm on the deep river in Moore County. They moved from Fayetteville 2 and a half years ago to start a grass fed beef business to sell healthy lean beef as an alternative to local feedlot hormone/steroid injected beef. They also added pastured chickens (which looked so healthy and clean compared to the chickens on the trucks I see going down the road!) I was immediately interested in this healthier alternative. I grew up with a beef in the freezer every year. A cow would be bought at the market, grain & grass fed to grow it (including many spring days I spent in the barn helping to bottle feed the baby calves) even bred with a bull to have a baby. But the slaughtering in the fall was as much a part of life as any of the process...It was just what happened. I have often thought that meat was a whole lot healthier than what I was buying for my own family at the grocery store.
Even with those experiences, I still learned a lot. I think Emily learned a lot too. Nate is letting everyone know about the tractor, petting the chickens, feeding the horses and riding in the back of the big truck. My son is the one who reached right out and touched a live electric fence as Mr. Smith yelled, "It's!" Thankfully, it had accidentally been turned off...

It was fun and peaceful visiting the farm and the family was wonderful and gracious and seemed glad to have us! It's a kids paradise. With 8 children, six boys and two girls there is plenty to keep any kid busy. We had a picnic on the grounds and visited. Suprisingly, Mr. Smith is also an attorney in addition to being a cattle farmer ; ) They attended an integrated congregation church in Fayetteville, which also sounded intriguing...details on that as I do more research, another day...
The advantages of eating grass fed beef and chicken seems so logical and so much more the way God intended. As I was going on and on about the details of our day, Joe remembered that one of his uncle's had always wanted to cattle farm in this way...Uncle Donal had a degree in Agriculture but was drafted and life took another path.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Roller Skating at Skate Party, USA

Who would have thought a two-year old would just take off like that? Our homeschooling group has a monthly skating event, and we got to go today. Emily and Nate had a blast. 2 hours of skating, skate rental, a drink, a piece of pizza for snack...all for $6! Awesome deal!
Anyway, I kept my regular shoes's been a few years since I was on skates (maybe...uuhh...20..) and I walked Memmie around the rink once and then she was off with some other girls her age. She held on wall to wall and everytime I looked up, she looked like a new pony with legs flying every where. She was determined and did not give up! she was staying up more than not by the end of the session.
I walked Nate around the rink twice and he said, "I do it myself" and he scooted himself around and barely even fell down. He'll be racing around the rink in a couple of months.
It was a great way to tire out children...the rink wasn't new, but it was clean and the staff was nice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Girlscout Troop 916

Emily's girlscout Brownie troop was invited to visit our local radio station and record the pledge of allegiance and the school lunch menu for the week. Lots of giggling girls in a radio!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Long time, no blog...

I really can't believe it's been five weeks since my last's really just a symptom of the current status of life. I've been getting lots of "other" work done, though. I seemed to have lost myself lately in the homeschooling-housework-planning homeschooling-cooking/planning nutritious meals-trying to get back to a running program-reading some great books-good coffee cycle of life..I do have to admit, I'm feeling a bit like a bear getting ready for hibernation...I've withdrawn a bit without really meaning to. Love me anyway!

So many things have come and gone...some sweet moments in the midst of what's beginning to feel like normal life with the same old question..."where are we going to end up?" It just seems hard sometimes to keep giving the same answers to the same old questions...and honestly, we really just don't know. The house is officially off the market, and for now that's really all we're sure about. ((sigh)) I'm doing all I can really do...which is fully trusting that when the time is right for the next step, He'll guide our path!

We have done lots of schooling, had summer supper club with some wonderful friends, a almost week long visit from Bobo and Uncle Chris, lots of Dr. visits, dentist brother Steve (the kids' chart and story of God's grace will be provided upon request) had a little heart scare and a cardiac cath the week of Labor Day...he'll need stents but not urgently...

Took a 4 day trip to Ocean Isle beach over Labor Day weekend (wonderful, relaxing...GREAT company) seeing friends who moved away and visiting with friends we never seem to have the time to get together with while we're at 'home'...this is our third year of doing this with the same families and Emily says we "always" go to beach on Labor Day.

It's football time in Tennessee and they lost their first game of the season (uugghh!) in overtime! Since they aren't ranked we're having a dilemma and contemplating subscribing to the live Internet feed (?) of games...Sad, sad times...

I've tried some great new recipes I'll post soon...I've been concentrating really hard at getting my protein (and IRON) in every day...and I'm progressing with my couch to 5K walking/running schedule. I've been catching up on the previous seasons of Grey's Anatomy that I've missed so I can start the new season off right...TV on DVD (no commercials) is cool! Oh, and I've been on Facebook...who knew?!? I thought it was just for teeny-boppers and there's tons of people on no blogging but I've been writing on people's walls...

A hard day that creeped up on me, August 21...what would have been Moma's 82nd (!?!?!) birthday, it's almost impossible to believe she's been gone 17 one more year I will have lived with Joe longer than I lived with her (married at 20, but adopted/whatever at 21 months...again chart provided upon request).
It makes me sad that Emily or Nate will never know how much she would have delighted in them. She would have spoiled Nate senseless...she REALLY loved boy babies. She would have been proud of makes me sad that Emily asks questions about her and I can't always find the best answers...they seem incomplete, falling short of really being able to describe all the facets of who her Granny Evelyn was. It amazes me that she hasn't been here for so many of my life graduation etc. Sometimes, much more rarely now, the pain comes sharply and quickly as if the grief is fresh and new...and her birthday, my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving (all major holidays, really)...and the time of her death (July) are always poignant for me...and amazingly the grieving often slips up on me, I don't even think about it being her birthday when all of the heart is in a vise and I'm sobbing not even really sure 'why'. Grief is a strange phenomenon, there is comfort...and wonderful memories that make the grieving bittersweet.

I'll post fresh "kid" pictures soon. I got some great shots at the beach and some today of them "writing" in shaving cream. Nate is starting to recognize letters..."my 'N' for Nate". His speech is getting so clear! Emily started with the Upwards sports program, cheer leading last week. She was so excited to get her uniform and pom-poms. She's just about got her scripture memorized for tomorrow's practice so she can get her first sticker on her megaphone. She'll also do Brownies this year, her third year in Girl scouts. She started out with this troop in kindergarten so there's several "school friends" that she gets to see. We're planning our first family camping trip in a couple of weeks, so she's excited about FINALLY getting to go camping.

We've had the requisite round of ear and sinus infections...with at least three pediatrician visits...and of all things I got ear infections last week too. Crazy, I haven't had ear infections in forever. I think we're all on the mend...well, Nate's coughing and starting to sound croupy, so who knows where that will end.

Anyhoo...for tonight...I'm catching up on some blog reading...checking emails...and thinking about planning some play dates...and thinking about planning menus for the week...and thinking about the laundry I'll do tomorrow...thinking about a small group Bible study for the fall...and thinking about the field trip we're taking to the cattle farm on Friday...and the Brownie visit to the local radio station (hum, what'll I do with Nate?), trying to figure out how to say some Latin words, and looking at the science experiment we might actually get to this week and thinking about some lesson plans ; ) while I'm sitting here in bed with my computer in my lap and my husband is fast asleep (what's up with that? He's usually the night owl).

Love y'all!