Thursday, September 18, 2008

Roller Skating at Skate Party, USA

Who would have thought a two-year old would just take off like that? Our homeschooling group has a monthly skating event, and we got to go today. Emily and Nate had a blast. 2 hours of skating, skate rental, a drink, a piece of pizza for snack...all for $6! Awesome deal!
Anyway, I kept my regular shoes's been a few years since I was on skates (maybe...uuhh...20..) and I walked Memmie around the rink once and then she was off with some other girls her age. She held on wall to wall and everytime I looked up, she looked like a new pony with legs flying every where. She was determined and did not give up! she was staying up more than not by the end of the session.
I walked Nate around the rink twice and he said, "I do it myself" and he scooted himself around and barely even fell down. He'll be racing around the rink in a couple of months.
It was a great way to tire out children...the rink wasn't new, but it was clean and the staff was nice.

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