Monday, September 29, 2008


It is the end of another family birthday...Joe's 38th.
Plans were completely up in the air until last night. Emily has been talking for weeks about wanting to throw him a surprise party. I'm pretty sure she was inspired by one we attended last month. It's just hard to plan a party and invite friends when you don't know if the honoree will be there or not...and really, is 38 one of the big ones?
We ended up staying at home grilling steaks and have a scrumptious salad (and apple pie and butter pecan icecream with Splenda!!)...the kids loved the celebration, even if it was small, the most important folks were there.
Nate told everyone we saw today that "it's my Daddy's Happy Birthday". He's saying his birthday is in "ocober" and he'll be "tree".
A new cuisinart coffee pot came to live at our house in honor of Daddy's of those that has a second reservoir to keep your coffee hot and dispenses a cup at a time...I hope it'll be happy here. I also hope we don't have to exchange it. Upon first use, it seemed to possibly have a leak...we'll see.
I had a house full of kids this afternoon...eight to be was fun, for the oh, two or three hours they were here...but I'll be honest, having that many children might make my head explode! They made "Mr. Joe" a happy birthday sign...played inside and out, helped bake and decorate cupcakes...

Birthdays are introspective events for me typically...even if it's someone else's. It brings back memories of the first birthday I spent with Joe when we were dating...his gift from me that year was a Bible devotional that we still have in a box somewhere with a sweet inscription.
I can't imagine life without keep having birthdays honey!

No pics with this post...couldn't find my camera for any of the festivities! Uugghh.

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Lynn Cross said...

Tell Joe happy birthday. He only has 11 more to catch up with me! Oh My! Lynn