Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Easier Days...

so today...Nate just wants to know if dogs can burp...easy answer...of course they do!

We are enjoying the snow and especially enjoy that here in the Sandhills, after a few days of winter wonder land we will be back in the upper 50's.
I'm pretty weary of blogging about family illnesses, but Nate is at it again...N&V, diarrhea...lovely. This morning, I mistakenly thought it was over and gave him his normal drink of chocolate milk. I know, it sounds unhealthy...but he got used to the chocolate soy milk and it was a natural transition. I use the syrup with less sugar to make me feel better. Anyway, about an hour later the den carpet and the dog were wearing the milk and Nate has thrown up a few more times since. So, I better go do a little more laundry.


candyknits said...

Hey Loretta, I like your new look.

btw, my little 7lb poodle has dainty little burps every time she eats, while Hannah's 60 lb mystery terrier burps like a truck driver :o)

Julie said...

Ahhh, now I find you :0)

I think I saw this blog title, and assumed it was all recipes, but realize it is more a potluck of life.

Must make dinner, but I'll visit again,


Holli T. said...

So sorry he's sick, Loretta. Hope it passes quickly.