Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thoughts on Thursday...

I have been rowing my oars just trying to keep afloat, and not doing too well at it quite honestly.  It seems I have a different schedule every week...with a different routine...and a revolving to-do-list.  But, some big projects have been completed at our house during the last couple of weeks, with big finale celebrations at school today.  Emily's class has been studying History of the Middle ages this year.  It has been quite interesting as "she" learns facts about St. Augustine, the Viking invasion, St. Benedict, Otto I, Alfred the Great, The East-West Schism the council of Chalcedon...the topic for the past two weeks has been the Fuedal system.  It is culminating in a Medieval feast today complete with entertainment and (as authentic as the Mom's could get) authentic cuisine.  A project is also due today...a project that incited fear and excitement when it was announced on back to school night...a Medieval Castle.  Much thought went into the material that would be used, the how's and the what's and even a few of the why's.  And after much planning, thought and attention to detail...our castle is complete....

We had another doctor appointment at the UNC Peds clinic for Nate on's a few updates from that. He was able to have his flu shot after having scratch testing for eggs and the influenza vaccine.  It seems his skin reaction was quite a bit less than it was when we first had it done, which I am taking as a good sign!  As it is decreasing, it increases the chance that Nate will be able to have denatured egg protein.  This egg has been cooked a while in a recipe (baked as in cupcakes/cakes/brownies) but not an egg that has been included in something quick cooked like pancakes.  I know it doesn't sound like it would change our life would still mean we would need to be careful with eggs...but he could have things home made baked goodies from friends in their own kitchens!  We go back in March...probably will have more blood drawn and pulmonary function tests again.  She added a nasal spray and thinks she will discontinue his Singulair and then zyrtec...and start decreasing the Advair inhaler!!!  All good things!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nate's thoughts on Blasphemy and careers...

Overheard in preschool:

Other 4 year old:   "OH MY GOD, I love cake!!!!"

Third grader who happened by:  "Oh, we don't say the Lord's name in Vain"

Nate:  with a shrug, "I just say it in English...."

Next Week:

Nate:  "My sister wants to be a teacher when she grows up"

Teacher (Mrs. Cooke):  "She must have lots of patience"

Nate:  "No...teachers don't have patients, they have kids"

Previous week:

Nate:  running by Mrs. Cooke "I got my own deoderant"

Monday, November 1, 2010

My eye is twitching....and I can't make it stop!

so after reasearching....
I do believe that I have all the possible causes....and at this rate, my eye will be twitching until heaven.

Eye twitches can be caused by all kinds of things. In order to treat eye twitching you need to understand what the possible causes are in your specific case. Here is a list of the common eye twitch causes.
  • Lack of sleep (Treatment Page): If you haven’t been getting enough sleep lately especially if it has been an ongoing issue this is a likely cause of your eye twitching. This is connected to general fatigue.
  • Stress (Treatment Page): Events in your life that have caused you to become stressed out may be the reason you are suffering from eye twitches. This is connected to general fatigue.
  • Fatigue (Treatment Page): General fatigue from overworking yourself or living a sedentary lifestyle is another possibility. It seems physical fatigue, which comes in many forms, is often a trigger for eye twitching.
  • Screens(Comp/TV) (Treatment Page): This is one of the more controversial causes as many people who have an eye twitch don’t look at a screen excessively. However, it is still a very common cause for a lot of people. Our eyes depend on constant movement and focusing at different distances to stay healthy.
  • Vitamin Deficiency (Treatment Page): If you aren’t eating a balanced diet you might be missing out on certain vitamins and minerals. A vitamin deficiency eye twitching is a very common cause but also one that is easy to treat.
  • Eye Strain (Treatment Page): Your vision might have gotten worse causing you to strain your eyes when reading, driving or other common tasks. Most people don’t even notice when they’re straining their eyes so check during activities when you’re using your eyes.
  • Allergies (Treatment Page): When you’re suffering from allergies your eyes can become very irritated and produce eyelid twitching. A lot of times a person won’t have any other symptoms of allergies so this can be a hard cause to uncover. If you have a history of allergies this is a good possibility though.
  • Caffeine (Treatment Page): As I’m sure you know caffeine is a stimulant and acts on the central nervous system. If you’ve been consuming excessive amounts of caffeine or using it for a long time this could be the cause.
  • Pinched Nerve (Treatment Page): Both physical trauma and gradual tension build up can result in a compressed or pinched nerve in the neck or face resulting in eye twitching.
  • Medication (Treatment Page): Certain medications have a history of producing eye twitches as a side effect. If you’re taking any medication do research on possible side effects and consult your doctor.
  • Withdrawal (Treatment Page): Benzodiazepine withdrawal and long term use very often produce eyelid twitching. Very often this produces blepharospasm which is when both eyes are affacted and is a known risk factor for developing it.
  • Neurological Disorder (Treatment Page): There is a long list of neurological disorders that can cause eyelid twitches but producing such a list would only scare you. If you have no other medical issues or symptoms then you probably don’t have a neurological problem but always consult with a doctor if you’re concerned this is a possibility.
These are all the causes of eye twitching that I have identified. I’m certain that your specific case of eyelid twitch fits into one of these categories. It is a strong possibility that more than one of the above causes is resulting in your eye twitching. To identify all the factors in your life that could be causing this annoying problem please consider each of the above carefully. This will help you single out your specific risk factors so that you can go on to eye twitch treatment.