Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well...the fever of over 103 has relented. I actually took a shower today. Do you know that feeling, when you're so sick you don't care if you're clean and you can't smell yourself stink anyway? It began with chills during worship service Sunday morning. I occasionally get chills and even weepy during church, but this was different. By Sunday afternoon, I recognized the symptoms and started drugs. Currently, I've been relegated to the bed by my darling husband who is unexpectedly on a two-week sabatical from employment. He accepted a positon as Engineering Manager with a new company and as per policy (when going to work for the competitor), was told not to return to work for his current employer. We'll probably be moving in a few months....but that's a story for a different day. Thankfully, it cancelled a business trip for him to New Jersey this week...so he's home!
No blogging from me last week due to this crazy interior decorator-gifted friend (who I love dearly!) WORKING me like mad as we painted, stripped wallpaper, kept our children occupied and out of the paint. I made three trips to Sherwin Williams and only got the wrong thing once...who knew they make caulk that isn't paintable...that then has to stripped with laquer thinner...uugghh!
What a week...with lots of moments spent sharing and some giggling mixed in for good measure.
My kids had a ball having other kids around. Nate has woke up each morning asking to "see vannah". We had a family day on Saturday with the guys working outside and then inside moving heavy furniture around. We got a lot done and had some good time together to boot...shared some germs and now, half of us are sick. What are friends for?
So, anyway, I'm drinking lots of fluids, trying to keep the dizziness at bay, reading some, taking lots of Nyquil...and looking at a house in the midst of transformation and trying not to think about all the things I could be doing if I was not stuck in bed...painting bathroom cabinets, decluttering, cleaning the inches of dust from all the flat surfaces, throwing away the stuff that packrats tend to collect (cool whip bowls, whisps of aluminum foil, valentines from 5th grade...star wars toys from the 1980's...Ms. Beasley doll...)
My DH is filling my role and has done at least 5 loads of laundry, fed the kids and is currently doing Emily's math lesson with her. She said, "Daddy, I kinda wish I'd get sick...so I wouldn't have to do school"...hum...I am getting a day off...maybe it's not all bad ; )

Sunday, February 3, 2008

NY Giants Superbowl winners!

We just watched the superbowl...everyone was sure the Giants would not be winning! I'm not really a NFL football fan and actually have not watched one single NFL game all season...BUT...as most know, however, I love me some Tennessee Football. A football at our house has only one name, it's not just a football...all footballs and every football game to our little guy is "Tennessee football". You see, we're East TN natives and my husband is a UT graduate...so it's born and bred, we're not really responsible for the Orange hysteria that occurs at our home in the Sandhills of NC in the fall. Everyone has an orange UT outfit, Emily had an orange cheerleading outfit complete with pom-poms, Nate has an orange UT football, Joe has orange UT pajama bottoms and then there are the numerous coffee mugs, hats, water bottles, flags and car magnets...yes, I know IT'S A LITTLE CRAZY!
But, honestly I didn't really care about who won the superbowl, didn't really care who was playing. It was a good excuse to have pizza and watch TV together for a while. I only really intended to watch the commercials and the half-time show...but then I got REALLY excited for the Giants to win.
You see, I discovered something in the pre-game...Eli Manning is the quarterback for the NY Giants. And as all good UT vol fans know, Eli just happens to be the brother of Peyton Manning...one of the best quarterbacks UT has ever had...so there it was. I was hooked. The Giants had to win...and I'm so happy for Peyton that they did ; )

“why do we have hair?”


6 year old Emily: Mommy, why do we have hair?

Me: immediately thinking of all the possible scientific explanations such as hair being a protective mechanism…thinking about the purposes of all the tiny hairs in our noses, lungs etc. trying to recall details from my college anatomy and physiology classes…but what about bald people, how do I explain that…

Me: Hum, Emily I'm not sure, why do you think we have hair?

Emily: I think God wanted us to have pretty heads…

Me: I think you're probably right