Sunday, February 3, 2008

NY Giants Superbowl winners!

We just watched the superbowl...everyone was sure the Giants would not be winning! I'm not really a NFL football fan and actually have not watched one single NFL game all most know, however, I love me some Tennessee Football. A football at our house has only one name, it's not just a football...all footballs and every football game to our little guy is "Tennessee football". You see, we're East TN natives and my husband is a UT it's born and bred, we're not really responsible for the Orange hysteria that occurs at our home in the Sandhills of NC in the fall. Everyone has an orange UT outfit, Emily had an orange cheerleading outfit complete with pom-poms, Nate has an orange UT football, Joe has orange UT pajama bottoms and then there are the numerous coffee mugs, hats, water bottles, flags and car magnets...yes, I know IT'S A LITTLE CRAZY!
But, honestly I didn't really care about who won the superbowl, didn't really care who was playing. It was a good excuse to have pizza and watch TV together for a while. I only really intended to watch the commercials and the half-time show...but then I got REALLY excited for the Giants to win.
You see, I discovered something in the pre-game...Eli Manning is the quarterback for the NY Giants. And as all good UT vol fans know, Eli just happens to be the brother of Peyton of the best quarterbacks UT has ever there it was. I was hooked. The Giants had to win...and I'm so happy for Peyton that they did ; )

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