Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In the beginning...

I have about 20 posts in my draft status...I will finish them and post them (belatedly), so beware of rapid falling blogs on this site!
Today...we are awaiting the arrival of our second set of "grown-up" (non-goodwill/yard-sale/family cast-offs...uh, I mean well-loved hand me downs/thrift store finds). It may speak volumes that this is our second set of LR furniture in our married life.
I've (warning bragging to occur!)....da-da-ta-da...made it to the gym on a regular basis for the past two weeks!!! Thankfully for my friend K who is joining me and keeping me least when we don't have communication sna-fus. I arrived at the fitness center at 5:30am alone this morning...did you know there are crazy people who are standing outside at 5:30 waiting for the doors to open??? Probably the same people who make fun of those of us outside Target on black Friday. Needless to say, my glutes have that not-used-in-a-while-forgot-I-actually-had-muscles-there kind of soreness, which remarkably feels great. I'm hopeful my body will again endure running (s-l-o-w running) a 5K or maybe even for the first time...a 10K...and maybe without so much floppiness this go around...
The homeschool place is now in the family room/den/great room (think I posted some pictures of our house that included a picture of the kitchen/room w/fireplace, if someone would show me how, I could put the words in bold and you'd click right there...but, alas...). Em loves it and is happy not to feel banished while she's doing independent work. I like being warm. No matter what I did, including exchanging two space heaters at Wally-world, I couldn't get the garage warm on these cold mornings.

We're studying Asia, the Byzantine Empire (I must have missed that day of second grade...who knew?), measuring peRIMeter and will be adding thousands place to our long addition this week, suffixes (change "y" to "i" and add "es") and the life cycle/environment of animals....not sure what our science experiment is yet, but we need a can of soda so we're off to Wally world (we need milk too). Oh, and Nate drew a square! He calls a B a nine....but, hey...a real live square!!

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