Monday, August 4, 2008

Last week of summer vacation

We'll start our homeschooling next week. Yep, one week from today...we'll start second grade. I'd planned something fun almost every day this week. But, not today. Today was spent taking Nate for his follow up for his food allergies and asthma. He weighs 34 pounds....don't know how tall, but I think close to 36 inches (he's about as tall as a yard stick in height). The M.D. visit didn't reveal any earth shattering real asthma issues since winter...eczema has been pretty stable since around March, still just seems to flare when he has a lot of dairy...probably will be years before he "outgrows" the peanut allergy. Later today, we went to our local hospital (which Emily still calls "Mommy's Hospital") for a blood draw for levels of antigen for all the most common allergens. We won't know the results for a few days/weeks. There is a possibility that some of the antigen levels have decreased and could indicate that he's "outgrowing" the egg allergy (85% of kids "outgrow" this one around age 3)...we'll see. Nate was a trooper getting stuck. Of course, he was well rewarded...I knew some of the ladies and we left with stickers, pencils and stuffed animals. Emily too, for being so supportive.
We stopped at the McDonald's in Sanford for breakfast, they have a really cool play land that looks like a tree house and both kids love playing there. Why does it seem Sanford has more shopping than we do now?
Well, I need to start studying...I think second grade is going to be really hard! When we got our curriculum in May, the package insert directed me to the website to watch a video on how to unpack the to set up the materials...etc. That's when I really started to get a little worried ; ) If unpacking the box is that complicated, I'm really not sure I can handle teaching Latin...and then there's second grade math...we'll see.

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Jessica said...

I'm guessing that Nate has had blood drawn before for his allergies? I'm interested to see what you find out with your results......

Enjoy the rest of your summer break this week!