Saturday, August 2, 2008

She's Home!

They arrived home around 7 pm on Friday...she came running and jumped into my arms with her long legs wrapped around my waist...and I cried.
She says she's nev-ver going to camp again...or at least not until she's ten. I think we're only missing a few pairs of underwear, maybe one pair of shorts, a couple of shirts that I can tell. I don't think we have anything that belongs to anyone else...
She has some sweet campfire songs and some good memories...but says she cried every night at bedtime...sigh.

It was a sweet Saturday to have all the chicks back in the hen house. Nate pulled his sleeping bag into her room last night and announced, "I seep Memmie's 'oom"

My favorite to share is a song they had to sing if they forgot something...while doing a silly dance...she thinks it's hilarious and she had to sing it once when she forgot her water bottle and one other time...

"my name is tinker-bell
I don't remember well...
I lost my underwear...
I don't remember where
I need my mommy here
to help me pack my gear
My name is tinker-bell
I don't remember well..."

I could sing this one a LOT!

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Jessica said...

SWEET! Welcome home Emily :)