Friday, September 26, 2008


Hubby's home. It was a long week while he was traveling to Michigan for work. The Kids and I ventured out for a perfect day at the park & lunch with Granma on Monday, cheerleading practice on Tuesday, Girlscouts on Wednesday, a slumber party with Aunt Judi on Thursday and Fun Gym (today) Friday. The rain has put a damper on our camping plans for the weekend but, Emily will now not miss her cheerleading at the first basketball game. And I might get to see the new Nicolas Sparks movie...Nights in's been a long time since "chick-flick' time has come my way...

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Six random things about me...

1. I hate it when medical drama shows get the details wrong...I get really annoyed when they allow a character to "talk" around an endotracheal tube (ventilator/respirator) or they defibrillate/shock asystole (no electrical activity...a flat line...). My husband hates it that I hate this and because I usually have a verbal attack prepared for the television in these instances... he doesn't like watching these shows with me.

2. I am saddened by the fact that our graduating high school class of 1988 is NOT having a 20-year class reunion....but, I am not sad enough to initiate/plan/organize the event myself. Joe & I are members of the same high school graduating class...and there are a few people out of our class of about 85 people I would like to see (most of them, I've stayed in touch with anyway...but think it would have been cool to have a party together).

3. I have always been scared that I would not be a good enough mom to my kids (that I'd yell/discipline them in anger)...I'm less scared about that now that I'm in the midst of mothering them...I'm not more confident in me, but I'm more confident that God is protecting them and allowing me to be what they need...and sometimes they just need to be yelled at ; )

4. I like soap operas...yeah, I know...I don't watch them now, but would really love to tune in occasionally to see how many more times Stephano comes back to life and tries to kidnap Marlena.

5. I have more uncompleted sewing projects packed up in boxes/bins than I couldn't possibly complete in this lifetime...and I probably have enough scrapbook supplies to complete albums for my children through elementary school.

6. I was adopted...but most people do not know it wasn't until 3 days after my 18th my aunt by marriage. Up until then she had sole custody of me since I was nine. She and my uncle shared custody while they were married, beginning when I was 21 months old until they divorced when I was nine. I was looking through safety deposit box stuff recently and was reminded that I still need to order a new birth certificate from the state of TN with her name on it... for the tagging... (sorry I don't know how to do the links without typing them out...a lesson for later!)
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Jessica said...

interesting facts about you my friend :) I can show/tell you later how to get the link w/out having to type it all out :)