Friday, March 21, 2008

My Birthday

Today is my 38th seems a non-event, I just don't feel like heart and those closest to me are weary, heavy and tired. How could so much happen in one month? I feel like it has been months since my last post. God is in control and I can only rest in that knowledge.

I've been asking God a lot of questions. I am tremendously sad that people are tragically hurting... relationships have been altered and will never be exactly the same again...there seems to be nothing to do but pray...all the time.

But I KNOW God was not asleep, far from it...nothing happened this past month that suprised faith in Him is not rocked, my world is chaotic but not up-side down and miraculously my misplaced faith in "man" has not crumbled (it wobbled...and has rallied as I saw God's people do some really hard things), if anything my dependence on Him is only increased and I know that I know God is Good all the Time and He is still in control.

As the congregation sang "Draw me Nearer" one Sunday morning I considered how often I sing and pray that sentiment without truly considering the "stuff" God may bring us through to do just that...draw us nearer to him.


Belinda@upsidedownbee said...

Happy Birthday, Loretta! Sorry to have missed it! Glad to see you posting...I check in every so often. You're right - it's a scary thing to ask God to draw us nearer to Him...but so far in my life I've learned that the price we pay in tears and suffering is a small, small payment for His presence, grace, and love. Peace and love to you. B.

Sondie said...

Happy late birthday! It does seem like so much can happen in a month, has happened in the last month. I don't know what God will do with the ingredients to this recipe, I like you only know that He is in control no matter how out of control things seem. Sorry your birthday seemed like a non-event after all, you only turn 38 once.

God's Peace,