Monday, April 14, 2008

turning seven...

On April 11 (3 days before Emily's seventh birthday), we attended a tea party for seven little girls at Miss Lacey's in Sanford. Four mommies and one grandma were also in attendance. It was so much fun and the girls were so cute. They all (mostly) had gloves, hats and their prettiest dresses. They used real tea cups and saucers and had lemonade or tea. We ate lunch, drank tea with our pinkies out, opened presents, had cake...Emily said it was the best party ever!
No, I didn't make the cake...Jennifer did. Isn't it just beautiful? It was such a bittersweet time, not only is my baby growing up but I also know there is a great possibility that Emily may not have these girls in her daily life a year from now. I know that she will always remember them and that we may visit and see them occasionally but somehow it will be different. These are her first girlfriends...they will forever make up the fabric of her memories of first sleepovers...the first giggling gaggle of girls she's been a part of...playdates...girlscouts...classmates...sunday school...children's choir...gymnastics... I pray that she always appreciates and doesn't take for granted having close girlfriends..and I hope this group of girls are just a few of the many that will be a part of her life forever.