Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We just got back, the kids & I, late yesterday afternoon...just in time to shine the house up for a showing between 6 and 7 pm.
We had some great extended family time, friend time, visited a water park where Emily was finally tall enough to come down the long slide alone, had swimming pool time, ate some awesome East Tennessee Bar-b-Que, played in the rain and rested in the shadow of the mountains. Nate learned the joy and freedom of peeing in the great outdoors. We had birthday parties, going away to college parties (my cousin's son is leaving for Yale on a football scholarship...Yes, Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut...)
I'll post some pretty neat pictures later (I have to find that cable that connects the computer and the camera...where did I leave it?). Nate came home with a new nickname "Hump-hammer", a new football and a set of real keys. Emily came home with a Hannah Montana guitar (which Nate is enjoying almost as much as she does..."I'm a bi-tar man"...) and a longing for the protection of the mountains from Tornadoes and the love of the family who lives there. I think for the first time she appreciates the fact that we probably won't have another visit like this for quite a while.
Our trip home was delayed by both kids getting some sort of GI bug that had them both throwing up and with diarrhea (the Dumb and Dumber kind...). Nate threw up twice on the way home, but now seems fine.
all for now...

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Sondie said...

great pictures! glad you had good family time...miss you 2