Friday, October 31, 2008

Two little girls playing

What would C.S. Lewis think?

If, when standing with a listening ear to the door of a little girls' room beheld sounds from a land of adventure another world away? If he could eavesdrop on the goings on in the next room...he would hear creativity and dreams in action. Emily and her friend P are pretend-playing...their imaginations soaring in adventures and a journey in a land far, far away...Narnia. Em is Lucy, the youngest sibling and P is cast as Susan...although Em has been known to play either role. She tended to favor Susan while reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe...Lucy while reading Prince Caspian. Em and P have been enjoying this pretend game together with Thomas G. since pre-school. About the time we read her The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe during our evening family time for the first time, about a year before the movie came out.
This is a game often played at our house and depending on the playmates, several roles can be cast simultaneously. Inside and out...and always with props. Sticks have been tied and carried on backs as bows and arrows...long pocketbooks and cloth pouches have provided snacks for the long journey to find Aslan and while fleeing from the White Witch...the long dresses adorn the queens of Narnia when appropriate...and crowns made of zoobs (small plastic building toys with nubs on the 'em!) for the Kings when they make appearances.
and Mr. Lewis' adventures continue. I hope it would make him smile!

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Jessica said...

you paint such a nice picture with your words, i can see the kids playing and acting out the whole thing!