Saturday, November 8, 2008

W*al-m*art Christmas Catalog

 came in the mail today, the long awaited toy catalog...wasn't from Sears, wasn't from JC Penny' was from Wal*mart who seems to be stealing some marketing ideas this season. The kids poured over it, fought over it, said things like, "Wow"...."Momma, yook".
It comes down to the basics, Nate wants a spider man bike that he can 'wide on the wode, wite now' and Emily's too overwhelmed with choices to want anything...but really would just like a pair of roller skates that weren't even in the catalog. She understands, though, that Christmas is still over a month away. Nate, however, wants us to leave for Wal*mart "wite now!". It may be a long month.

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