Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Where did it go? It's truly a blur. Here's some of the things happening while I was obviously NOT blogging:

  • Halloween: Supergirl & Spiderman, local community Halloween event then our usual trick or treating in the neighborhood. (I promise to post pictures as soon as I upload them)
  • an A- accomplished by Hubby in Biblical Greek I
  • a report card from the girl with all A's except a B in math.
  • a Thanksgiving play by the Third graders, with very poor quality photos.

  • Continued acclimation at my new first 90 days of employment were fullfilled yesterday.
  • Friday night small group--which has been awesome! Awesome people...awesome discussion...awesome topics.
  • A wonderful Thanksgiving with a family meal at Granma's...and a visit from Bobo, Uncle Chris & Austin (and two puppies) for several days...
  • Black Friday shopping with some of my favorite people...and success for a few items we were looking for...

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