Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a few words...

  •   sick people
  •   antibiotics
  •   hubs studying Greek
  •   work
  •   laundry
  •   dishes
  •   meals
  •   a baby shower
  •   a busy Missions week at church
  •   lots of coffee
  •   car repairs...van & truck
  •   an unexpected morning home
  •   provision
  •   a cup running over
but in case I sound weary, I know...Our Lord is in control...and sometimes He calms the storms and other times He calms me...I'm just so thankful for peace and calmin of the Holy Spirit!

Oh, by the way a new blog to check out by one of my bloggy friends and in person aquaintaces Amanda ;) who is quite passionate about living a frugal life & saving money...check it out! 

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