Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A nice evening...

It's a busy week for me...a full schedule, some new responsibilities at work (cardiology has a new prescription refill line), the last week of school for DD, a week with hubs buried in books a few hours away. 
It was nice to fit in an impromptu dinner with a neighbor...glad I had the inspiration (too much food for us to eat) and the motivation (would have been mac & cheese AGAIN probably as I felt guilty about the nice meal I should have fixed)
It was nice to share veggies that had been shared with us (thanks to some friends going on vacation and letting me pick up their Sandhills Farm to Table coop box)...nice to have kids fighting over whose going to get to sleep with Mom...nice to get a phone call from someone who misses us...nice to have friends and family loving our kids (hope the D kids got their snoozes)!

this week is all about staying grateful...

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