Monday, August 2, 2010

Two funerals and a wedding...sort of...

I know by now, y'all think I've done quit bloggin' and you're partly right...'cause I've been doin' a lot of livin'.  I will try my best to catch you up on the happenin's of life...if you cain't tell, I've spent some time in Ten-e-see (one of the funerals and then back to celebrate a birthday) and some in West Virginey (the wedding, or actually a wedding renewal to celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss & blisters)...and it was all great fun...when I can get MY computer to stay on for more than five minutes I will upload some pictures and share in great detail....until then....I'll try to get my voice back & be the 40-year old self I've grown into being.  Here's some tidbits to whet your appetite until then:
  • the girl starts 4th (yes FOURTH) grade tomorrow at our local Christian school...God provided the means and I am thankful...
  • the boy has another few weeks of down time before he will start pre-K
  • I'm praying for his teacher (you should too...)
  • I haven't had a bathing suit on all summer...1. because I haven't had time to swim 2. because I never did start that walking I was planning to do back in the spring.
  • Hubs "preached" his first sermon as a divinity student last night at our church...I was surprised at how well he did...and I'm pretty critical of him...
  • It's been the quickest longest summer I think I've ever had!

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