Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Saturday...

and I am so very creative with the blog titles these days!  I feel as if this day has flown by.  It has been the bookend of a very busy week.  The kids are on fall break, and had different people love them during the hours I worked every day...and I am so THANKFUL!! for all that LOVE!  it just made the week seem to go extremely fast.
Today's highlights included lots of sniffles and congestion for games with possible 1st degree burns from the sun (Em's team won and she had some really good kicks)...a yard sale that was close & we picked up a few wonderful books (The Tale of Despereaux, A Nancy Drew Mystery #1 The Secret of the Old Clock, Black Beauty,and an abridged version of The Wizard of Oz for 8-12 yr olds and an American Girl book)  all 50 cents each except for the Nancy Drew which was hard back and $1.  The kids were invited to lunch with Granma after soccer---thank you G'ma & Auntie J!  I had a couple hours, some generic cold medicine and a short nap added to my day.

So, here I find myself at the end of the day, awaiting Joe's return from an overnight trip to Atlanta.  I think he's about an hour away. I'm watching PBS kids (why, you ask?  I often find myself watching kids shows and listening to the kids music when they are no longer around...crazy I know)...and getting ready to read another chapter in the Paul Tripp book Joe recommended, which is really good by the way.

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