Monday, April 25, 2011

Pastoral Internship

We are ever so grateful to all of you for the prayers, support, love and encouragement that you have showered us with this last year and a half.  It is hard to believe Joe has been enrolled full-time in seminary for over a year! (and even harder to believe he still has two more years, but I know it will pass so quickly and I will wonder where in the world the time went)  Hebrew is on the agenda for summer...along with a few other classes, I'm hopeful that this language comes as easy as Greek seemed to.

The next "official" step in the journey will occur tomorrow.  Joe will go before the regional governing body for our denomination to give a brief testimony and explanation of his sense of calling to full-time ministry.  He has already met at length with the candidates committee.  During tomorrow's meeting, he will be presented and voted on as a candidate for pastoral ministry (forgive me if that wording is not exact) and to begin his pastoral internship coming under the care/mentoring of the other pastors and elders in our region. It is one of the things that we appreciate about our denomination, this "coming under care" of the elders.

Pray for him tonight, he is finishing a paper due tomorrow (which is why I'm sending this email!)...and plans to devote some time to prayer and "briefing" up his words to say tomorrow.  Pray those words come from the Holy Spirit...pray for him tomorrow that peace and calm reigns in his heart as he stands before the group. 

It is humbling, overwhelming, and amazing what God has done for us in the midst of this season, how He has grown our hearts and is molding our He has provided abundantly...and it only makes us even more excited to see what is next!
Thank you ever so much for your prayers, we love each and every one of you abundantly

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