Thursday, September 1, 2011

Formal Announcement?

Can I just start blogging again?  Would Miss Manners say a formal reintroduction is required after a 6 month silence with NO posts, no pictures, no documentation of life being lived...

I've created at least a zillion blog posts in my mind, usually beginning in the shower...continuing while I'm blow drying my hair and brushing my teeth...pausing while I yell at the kids that we need to leave RIGHT NOW or we will be LATE...until the moment I'm in the car alone, and then the ideas and thoughts become words flowing again...prayers and thanksgivings...sweet moments of words coming together like a mosaic...reflection of smells and sounds of life with husband and children filling this house...poignant moments and observations while waiting and growing and loving...the stories of living waiting to be told, quickly forgotten as I walk through the front door of the clinic and pin the nurses' cap and smile in place.  Evening will come, and any inkling of words to type, memories to capture and photos to post become the vague impression of "something I was going to...".  So the words continue to whirl, photos remain captive in their plastic prison, funny things said yesterday can't be repeated quite right and the sweet smell of young hair after a shower turns to...well not sweet...and a life full of blessings remains uncharted.

You can judge, but I think I'll just jump right in!

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