Friday, December 6, 2013

Sad but thankful goodbyes...

We said "good-bye" to our home of 15 years this evening with a prayer of thankfulness and for blessings to the new family. We walked through each room and talked about our memories. It amazes me how much life was lived there. Joe led us and it was good for all our hearts. We talked about the many colors Emily's bedroom had been painted, the time her friend Shelby ran straight into the sliding glass doors... times spent with friends and family... the kitchen stove where we found a 18 month old Nate asleep one night... memories of our dog Bella... if I closed my eyes and listened, I'm sure the walls could talk and I'm sure I heard the faint echos of my newborn babies cries...
This is the longest Joe or I have lived in any one any one address in our whole lives.  Of course, this is the only corner of the world the kids have ever called home.
We all cried until we got about 20 minutes away, to Pinebluff, actually.
For the moment we can be found in a rental house... we'll keep looking as more houses come on the market-- the right one must just not be ready yet!

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