Thursday, August 20, 2015

Phone Call

I almost hung up the phone!  The recorded voice on the other end was making reality events that my mind is still struggling to wrap around. And my heart?  My heart constricts, contracts and dilates in ways that cause me to lose my breath for a moment and reach for my carotid artery to ensure that the rhythm returned.   When the dizziness subsided, I realize there are worse things to hear on the other end of a home phone call such as a police officer or sheriff's deputy, a hospital emergency room, a bill collector or even the Democratic Party.
But there was no denying it, Chesterfield county public schools were sending us an automated message. Cheraw High School.  A message from the principal.  It's been awhile since a public school has called our house.  None of this was ever part of my plan. From the day I walked her into Sandhills Classical Christian School's Little Friends preschool at the age of four years old, my mind was set, my plan seemed best.  The school would grow with her and she would have Sandhills Classical Christian School imprinted on her diploma in 2019.  But, is my plan ever the best?
I remember clinging tightly to being sure that education would provide her success or failure in the world.  I had clung tightly to the promise of Christian School to protect her from the evil without, and to keep her close to and knowledgeable of God. The first time I heard about Classical Christian Education and Sandhills Classical Christian school, when she was an infant, I was sure that THIS was the best way to educate our children.  I was sure THIS was the thing that would keep her on the Straight and Narrow path to the Celestial City.
The Lord, in His infinite wisdom had a different plan.  A plan that I am still struggling to believe is His best for her.  We have no idea what the next few weeks, months, and years will hold.  But we know who holds time in His hand.  And, for now that is where my trust must lay. 

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