Thursday, May 29, 2008

News this week...

  • Emily's riding a and furiously!

  • Nate got a haircut and looks like a big boy

  • no lookers at our house yet...keeping it straight for any potential looker is definitely a challenge

  • got a hankering to go to Tennessee, homesickness creeps in occasionally...gotta make a plan, especially with these gas prices, it will wipe out the savings!

  • barn wrens are back...those birds are trying to build another nest on the front porch "rock". The babies had flown the nest, so I knocked it down and cleaned up the mess...thinking they were done. Who knew?

  • All of next school year's Homeschool curriculum should begin arriving any day now, I'm so excited! We'll start latin!

  • Joe's been on a business trip to the Damascus, VA facility

  • Kayla's getting promoted from the eighth grade to HIGH SCHOOL

  • all kinds of stuff going on this weekend

  • Sunday will be our friends, the Holland's, last time attending church as North Carolina residents...

  • Keep being drawn back to Albemarle in our search for a "new" home

  • I think the kids are finally done throwing up after three weeks of whatever this GI bug was they had

  • Joe was having dinner at the Firehouse Barbecue Restaurant in Johnson City Tennessee w/Buddy, Beth & Sam tonight...I'm jealous and really thinking I need a trip home for some good ole' East Tennessee hickory smoked BBQ...did I say that already?

  • goodnight for now...from a toddler, a 7-year old and one tired lady in a queen sized bed...sleeping all together is sweet sometimes.

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