Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Second Day...

at my new job was spent doing computer training. The lady and I got a kick out of each other...and went down a few bunny trails. One of which included talking about the good 'ole days of nursing...back when we charted on paper...wore white starched uniforms...support hose and nurse mate shoes and some of us (me at my very first job) wore nursing caps...and even the not-so-long-ago time when we wore color coordinated scrubs for each floor. This stemmed somehow from a conversation about when we each got the Hepatitis B vaccine and trying to remember when it came out. I am sure that I received my first series in 1992...shortly after the vaccine was approved for health care workers. Followed by a titer that was positive.
I remember vividly my very first orientation at my very first health care job. It was a small 100 bed hospital...I worked on 600 Hall, where the surgical patients were, as a unit secretary during the 3p-11p shift on Friday. Saturday and Sunday I often worked 7am to 7pm. It was a great job for a nursing student and I couldn't have gotten better training. The worst part about the job is that I missed weekends with my new husband...and the last few months with my Momma.

Anyway, it was a good second day. Working half days like this sure are nice. The boy and I still had time to play outside before a nap...and I was home when the girl got off the school bus. And one more day...that the boy was cared for and loved!

A quote for the day...from a book I'm reading by Beverly Lewis (the Amish books...) The Secret:

Grace located the item the other clerk had wanted and wondered what might have prompted the customer's preference for all things simple. She recalled something Mammi Adah often said with a knowing smile on her wrinkled face: "When you get what you want....do you want what you get?" Grace assumed it was merely human to crave a different situation in life and not something unique to fancy folk.

Let me know what you think about that...

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