Friday, October 2, 2009

I've got no fancy title...

it's been a week! Influenza Type A (yes, that would be the dreaded swine flu) invaded our home and reared it's ugly head first in the girl. I knew the jig was up when I arrived at church Sunday night for our new pastor's installation service. She had gone early with her Daddy for children's choir (all exposed by the way!) and stayed while he had to be there with the other elders for the commissioning service. When I got there...there she was, curled up soundly sleeping. She was cool to touch, but I probably checked her every five minutes during the service. I finally woke her up. She complained of a headache, barely ate any of the sweets at the dessert fellowship afterwards so I was NOT surprised when I went to tuck her in and she was burning up with a fever. She's better, her cough is still horrible. She was quite pitiful and spent 3 days in bed...I mean IN THE BED! Last count one half of her class has gotten it as well. She's got a pile of school work to catch up on, but we'll work on it this weekend.
The boy succumbed, waking up with a high fever on Wednesday morning, but got Tamiflu, so his duration was shortened dramatically and he didn't descend into any respiratory symptoms...he just threw up everywhere...over and over. It's just not pictures they include in the "What to expect" books..or in Parenting magazine with all these sweet cherubs in gap clothing. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful we avoided steroids and around the clock breathing treatments. Just throw up is...well yucky (and yes, I am a nurse...and a good one...but the sounds of many of a patient have left me turning green...I haven't ever thrown up on anyone after they've thrown up, but I did come close once when I was pregnant with the girl...). And another thing...when I'm cleaning up vomit, it kinda muddies the waters of whether I am getting sick or if I'm just feeling bad because of cleaning up the mess. It just makes everyone involved...well, involved.

Hubs was able to work some creative work hours this week (sooo very thankful for his workplace/boss/coworkers flexibility), wouldn't be possible to do that just anywhere. But a few days, he stayed home/worked from home while I went into work and then he drove on to Hamlet once I got home at lunch time then worked burning midnight oil.

Staffing changes were announced at the clinic, but my position remains unaffected. There may be grumblings about the changes, but I've really not heard them-maybe it's because I'm the new girl. Everyone kept their chin up and seems to have great attitudes compared to some other places I've worked.

I am enjoying working...even with the added stresses of making sure the kids are cared for. I'm beginning to get into a routine, know where the bathrooms are, am beginning to remember some co-worker's names, and can leave my "office space" (a cardiologist walked by today and said, "I like where we've stuck Loretta"... I'm in a room over on the Electrophysiology side where some sort of treadmill test of internal cardiac defibrillators are done-who knows...I'm not even sure, but I have a bat mobile desk that folds up and will roll out of the way...and share the space with a huge treadmill and some monitoring say space is at a premium is an understatement...But, it's quiet) anyway, I can leave that space and actually find my way around without walking in circles.

The boy begins a two week fall break next week and it will be a daily juggling act to have friends and family take care of him while I work. I'm very thankful for the willingness of those friends and family...but you know me and my scatterbrainedness---so if I show up at your house to pick up the boy, just kindly remind me you don't have him today and that I need to recheck the schedule. It will happen, I just know it!

Hubs took his second Greek test this week...he passed and that's all the info I have to share. He's beginning to translate passages...and he's reading his Greek New Testament every day. He walks around the house mumbling in I could understand his mumbling in English, haha. Every now and then a word sounds familiar to me and I can hear the root word that an English word might have come from.

It's autumn...but I've really not had a chance to relax and enjoy the change in the temperatures, maybe next week. I know the moment will come, it always does.

I'm going to put on a pot of soup for the weekend...clean the house...catch up the laundry...just in case I start oinking or growing a little squiggly tail ;)

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B said...

Oh, dearie... Joe told Matt about the kids being sick. Sorry, but am glad they are doing better! B.