Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nate's Fourth birthday...

These are in reverse order...too tired to fix it tonight!
Nate opening presents
Nate and His Buddy Ethan...preparing to protect & defend

wassup! the "magic" candles kept relighting...enough is enough!

Blowing them out again!

Ms. B delivered his cake and we got pics before friends arrived!
This year she used a great recipe substituting bananas for the eggs...
with a cream cheesy type of icing...yummy!! Another delectable morsel from
"Deckerated Delights"

I can hardly believe he's four...and seeming like such a little boy. No longer a baby, but a preschooler who seems to be soaking up the world. He makes my heart melt with his smile, skip and hop when he giggles...and something stirs in my soul when he talks about God's love, being a peacemaker instead of a troublemaker...and that soft words turn away wrath. When he belts out all the words to "We are the Body" or asks if he can pray and proceeds to say, "heavenly Father...thank you for...sippy cups, chocolate milk, mommy, Daddy, Emily, our friends...
thank you for food, and playing outside and spider man costumes".
It's indescribable how my heart smiles. It's cute and sweet...
but more than that it's such a picture of how God draws His children to Himself.
Nate loves deeply...and verbalizes perceived injustices with equal passion.
On any particular day, he may head out as Spider man to take care of the bad guys...Buzz Light year to have an adventure...a soldier in armor as he states, "Em-i-ly, I need to protect you!"
May I always remember that God is using these things to write a message on his heart, and may I find strength to stand out of the way as God works his purpose in his life.

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Your blog always seems to make my eyes puddle......thank you :) -jaf