Wednesday, October 13, 2010

She's catching on...

A few minutes ago I rudely interrupted Em "playing barbee's with Nate" (I didn't ask and don't want to know...I THINK he plays w/the barbie cars) ask her to feed the dog and take her laundry out to the garage (that's where we do laundry, you know).  I was going to put a load in the washer.  There was no sighing, no eye rolling...she obeyed immediately...with no complaining.
I realized I hadn't heard her come back in and I put the paper down and went to sort her laundry and put a load in...when I got to the garage, I find her just working hard, sorting away and singing at the top of her lungs.  I backed away from the door and back to the newspaper!
These sure are some sweet times in the parenting world!


Sondie said...

What a cute little post...and a sweet moment. I enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

this was sweet, made me tear up a little - why? I'm not sure....also wanted to tell you that Garrett plays Barbies with Amelia ALL the time! love Jessica