Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2 of VBS

120+ kids and bathroom facilities that went out about mid-morning ;)

Check out details here.

There's an excitement in the air and even w/the broken potties things are going quite smoothly. I'm working in the kitchen with great funny women...they just make me laugh and I quite enjoy hanging out with them.

Nate's a little better...maybe...poor guy has an infection and cruddy lungs on top of the croup.

We ate dinner outside tonight...with music from our neighbor and his bluegrass band filling the cooler night air, they finished w/Rocky Top to our delight (okay, maybe just my delight--I clapped and woohoo'd and Joe was worried the police would be showing up).

Picked two Roma Tomatoes and 2 cucumbers from my "garden"...made a great salad to go with our grilled chicken tonight!

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