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warning...this post is unfinished, I will be completing and adding the rest of our pictures...

Saturday June 13th:
Arrived! After over 12 hrs in travel time, due being delayed by a thunderstorm we finally got there about 7 o'clock. Late check in. Had dinner at the All star Movies cafe and played in the Mighty Ducks pool. When we walked to our room, Nate saw the three story white duck hockey mask and asked if it was cheese (it did look like Swiss cheese)...and proceeded to identify our particular part of the hotel (there were two entrances w/hockey masks) by saying, "is that our cheese?" the rest of the week.

Sunday June 14th:
Breakfast at Cinderella Castle at 9:45!!! Arrived by bus from our hotel in plenty of time to see the show and see the characters arrive (Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Daisy!!!) via steam engine. Immediately felt like we'd arrive in an alternate universe where everyone was happy and "having a magical day". We planned well, walked straight to the castle for our breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table...had pictures taken with Cinderella with no waiting and went straight to our table. It was a great breakfast, the Chef came out to the table to handle Nate's allergies and brought him special food...he had a waffle for the first time in his life ;) Each of the princesses, Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine were announced individually and worked the room. Stopping at each table for autographs, pictures and a short (but not distracted) conversation. Nate was given a "sword" to protect his princesses and Emily a magic wand. What a great way to start our time at Disney!



We then proceeded to ride Dumbo, explore frontier land, Tom Saywer's Island, Watch the Country Bear very hot...felt faint and went back to our cool hotel room to take a 3 hour nap!

Back that night...toon town, Mickey and Minnie's autographs, toured Mickey's house. Rode train around to Tomorrow land...rode little race cars at the Tomorrowland Raceway...Mad Teaparty teacups...ate dinner at Tomorrow Land watched fireworks show at the Castle "Wishes Nighttime Spectacular" including Tinker bell! It's a small world ride, Snow White's Scary Adventure ride, Winnie the pooh ride, and the Carousel

And yes!  I felt like a little kid when I saw the castle change colors!  
And when I saw Mickey Mouse for the first time, I thought I would come out of my skin...
I know it's crazy...

Monday June 15th:

Joe has his first day of duty at the PCA General Assembly.  The kids and I slept in since we'd been to Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom until 2am (did I say we had a three hour Nap on Sunday?)....after lunch kids & I went to Magic Kingdom, got more character autographs, went back to Toon town, rode on train...had lunch at Gepeto's Grotto.  We were bascially doing things that we not too exciting for Daddy ;)

One of the many parades...

Chip and Dale...Dale was quite funny and tried to "rip" out the page in Nate's autograph book with Donald duck...his arch nemesis.  His body gaurd had to step in and tell him "No Dale"....this made the kids day!

the wait for Pluto was a little longer, he had to take a potty break (people change I bet-It was HOT!)

And we stumbled upon this show in front of the castle just as it was starting, but after about 20minutes, we could take the heat no longer...the only time we got to see Goofy was in the parades and at this show...



Another trip over to Toon town to visit Minnie's house with an ice cream snack while we were waiting!  (I was enjoying the meal plan at this point)



In the evening since we had park hopper tickets, we decided to do some park hopping and Animal Kingdom had extra magic hours that night so we headed over there, had some great barbecue with our meal plan and checked out all the rides in Dino world.  Nate was a trooper but got a little scared on the mini roller coaster there....and no pictures ;)  There was a triceratops ride that was a lot like Dumbo, so I think that was his favorite.  We saw the It's tough to be a Bug and waited in a very long line a little while for The Lion King, checked out DINOSAURS but decided it might be too much for Nate and really it was getting late and it was sooo hot, we were melted!

Tuesday June 16th:
Joe needed to be back at GA for some committee meeting late this afternoon, so we decided to spend the morning at Animal Kingdom, for him to leave us when we needed to or for us all to go back to the hotel together.

We went back to Animal Kingdom...did all the Maharajah Jungle Trek and Pangani Forest Exploration trails/walkways, rode the Wildlife express train over to the Conservation Station and the Affection Section petting zoo.  We went on the Kilimanjaro safari ride, Kali river rapid ride, and Emily and I rode the Expedition Everest-Mt. Everest "Yeti" roller coaster ride that went backwards for a time.  I think Emily & I were wrapped up in each other with our eyes closed for that part ;).  We saw Jiminey Cricket and Refekie but Nate was "done" with characters by this time and said he was scared...

We ate a buffet lunch at the Tusker House resturaunt, where once again the Chef was wonderful, came out to our table, took me to the buffet to tell me what was safe for Nate to eat....and then brought him some allergen free cookies for dessert.  Nothing could have put me more at ease.

And the Safari ride which was awesome...animals were so close!

This is the way to wasn't long before we realized the cost of the double stroller
was worth it, even when Emily could and would have walked, it just felt safer to have them both in the stroller and to have it to carry our water bottles, snacks and backpacks (with lip balm, sunscreen, epi-pens, bandaids, face sticks, fresh socks, maps, ID's...)

Wednesday June 17th:

This was our full day of General Assembly activites.  I attended the Women In the Church Women's Brunch with the speaker being Paul Tripp.  It was wonderful...there will be another blog post about those details at a later date :)

Joe and I perused the CEP Bookstore together and I was able to browse the vendors before and briefly after the brunch.  SO many good books and so little time!!

Joe stayed for voting and such...the kids and I shopped for some souveniers nearby, for things we needed (more sunscreen!!!).

Thursday June 18th:


Lunch @ German restaurant...

Magic Kingdom

Les Chefs de France

Friday June 19th:

Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror!!

Prince Caspian

Beauty and the Beast

Playhouse Disney

Lunch @ Hollywood and Vine---character lunch w/little Einsteins

Dinner in Liberty Tree Tavern---best meal we had the whole time we were there!!!!

rides in Adventure land--Aladdin's carpet, Pirate of Caribbean,

Peter pan....Nate and Joe rode Dumbo a few times and It's a Small World several times and the carousel while Emily and I rode big thunder MT railroad and splash MT two times each!

We Saw Spectromagic light parade twice...

and took one more carousel ride before we left that evening...

Saturday June 20th:

Bfst at all star movie resort...souveniers...hit the road!!!

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