Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's done...

~I finished up treatments yesterday and had the PICC line removed without any complications!! What a blessing! It's the end of a long and a eventful week.
~Nate had to go to the doctor yesterday for croup...yuck, he still sounds horrible.
~ I finished a lot of paperwork today...
~spent a few hours today just getting started on the house (yes...a few hours...yes started)
~VBS next week, WOOHOO!
~Lots of reading for pleasure this week, finished a Beverly Lewis series (makes me want to quilt and can) and started a new one...Yada Yada Prayer Group, looked fun!
~Nate & Emo spent a good bit of the day playing with a big box they turned into a rocket, a remote control for a car (steering for the rocket), and an aluminum foil/duct tape/box space helmet...complete with sound effects and a great outer space adventure!
all for now...

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