Monday, July 6, 2009


Well, it's Monday...what a wonderful weekend we had!!!
Friday, Sweet Hubby got home from Due West earlier than expected. He finished up his class work, talked to the professor for an hour and then hit the road. He beat us home since we did some late/after nap errands, thinking he wouldn't be home until way after the kids bedtimes! What a great surprise he was home when we got there!
I came home from Wally world with new deck furniture that I've been watching like a hawk. The price dropping was occurring as they were beginning to put stuff on summer clearance...and it finally hit my target price! Just in time for a hot dog roast Saturday night.
We did spend all our quality time Friday evening, talking theology, pondering what God is doing in our lives (I swear, I think my head is literally spinning), & sharing all the funny things the kids have done this week, while putting in screws and directions...and fighting with that little hex thing they give you to screw things in with...finally, about midnight, (about 5 hours later) we enjoyed more chatting and relaxing at our new table and chairs...SWEET!
Joe still has a few papers to write before he's officially "completed" this course, but I think overall God definitely used this week to guide us and direct our paths...even if the course doesn't ultimately transfer and count toward his Master of Divinity course work.
Our delightful daughter rode her bike in the local community Fourth parade with her girl scout troop. They decorated bikes and helmets...well, pics will follow as soon as I'm techno-savvy with that again! WE got nervous about her finishing the 4-1/2 mile parade route around the lake and followed the parade in the van--sure enough about half way around, she had pulled over to the side...exhausted and very hot (it was 2 in the afternoon!) the folks ahead of us threw her bike in the back of their truck and we threw her in the van and we kept going. Nothing makes you feel a part of something bigger like being in a local parade with everyone waving flags, catching candy and wishing each other a happy know moments like that make me tear up!
We had a hot-dog dinner with the Fausz's, sat on our deck in our new deck furniture while children played and ended our holiday with sparklers...cause we love sparklers!
Sunday the announcement was made...that after months and months of hard work and LOTS of meetings...our pastoral search committee has called a Senior pastor! It's so exciting...and amazing...and exciting! He'll be here the week of July 13th, the same week as VBS (the snack lady says to keep those donations for snack items coming in!!) doing all sorts of meet and greet stuff...then he'll preach Sunday morning and we'll have a Congregational meeting and vote...I cannot believe how God has worked during this. I am changed forever...God is Faithful and has led us through some tough the process making me more dependent on Him!
Oh, and a new baby was born into the flock on Friday! The Kirby's are the proud parents of baby far as I know everything went well...Congrats...can hardly wait to see the baby and bring them some Swiss-chicken casserole...well, there's just excitement all around.

I am scheduled for a PIC line placement today at the hospital and then a Venofer (iron) infusion to follow. Emily's starting Art camp this afternoon...and Nate will be playing at his Buddy-Jackson's house...I'll let you know how it goes...

Also on a walk this morning with my neighbor...heard about "the-most-perfect" part-time job that I'm a little excited about...if I could "create" my own would look like this one sounds...God's working, I tell you! I'll keep you posted...

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Sally Lloyd-Jones said...

Loretta! thank you very much for stopping by my blog. So glad to hear from you. Thanks for giving the book to so many!

Love seeing what you're up to on your cool blog! (A v fun fourth it sounds like)

BTW: thought you'd like to know there's a FB fan page for the book the publisher set up, so if you're on FB we'd love to have you join the discussion!

Thanks again!