Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Favorites...

  • Birthday dinners for family (auntie J celebrating a 40-something birthday)
  • Having great long-time friends over for a great visit and dinner--and kids who let us have meaningful conversation.
  • A visit with my hair chick...long overdue!
  • Camelot park! With friends! Kids who love to run and play...and get real sweaty...
  • A new baby safely delivered into the world...welcome Zachary Savage Wilson!
  • Baby Samuel Harrison Arnold...who is no longer a baby and today we celebrate your five years of life...sharing with us a different perspective on hope, living, and joy. May we continue to learn so much more from your presence in our lives than we could ever hope to teach you.
  • So many opportunities to meet and spend time with our new pastor and his family...worn out from all the activities, but an awesome glimpse of God's glory...and timing...and grace...and mercy...
  • Bible studies...and being real with some neat ladies!

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